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still crazy after all these years.

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coldpress asked: FINAL FANTASY X + FINAL FANTASY XII + VAGRANT STORY. I figure one ask would be less annoying than three? 8D

I’m gonna do FFX tomorrow because I suddenly was informed I will be driving to Gainesville again tomorrow and have to get up at Balls O’Clock. So Ivalice stuf tonight


Giza Plains

A Speechless Battle

The Sochen Cave Palace

Ashe’s Theme

Esper Battle

I have a lot to say about this soundtrack because it used to be one of my favorites but I have a lot of complains about it now. I would pay $$$$ if I had ‘em to hear it all competently resampled because the downmixing is so freakin bad?? like i feel like it sounds so much worse in the actual game than on the CD (of course I have the CDs) and the attack on some of the synths is like… throwin the timing off… don’t get me wrong i’m the biggest basiscape fangirl but i’m mad about the technical aspects of this soundtrack’s production and in higher registers some of the horn synths which are SUPER IMPORTANT IN ALL SAKIMOTO are all like BWUUUEEEEEEMP??? stop…

Ashe’s Theme is still the best princess theme in all FF because at first it’s all romantic but then it’s metal

I think my favorite Sakimoto efforts here are really heavy on precussive elements, much like VAGRANT STORY!!!! and they have a stronger rhythm as a result.

ANYWAY speaking of Vagrant Story:



Tieger and Neesa

DRAGGUM FIGHT THEME from Climax of the Incident at the Graylands

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