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still crazy after all these years.

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today i sold a child a 2.5ft tall pillow in the shape of mario, hero of the nintendo franchise super mario brothers. a 2.5ft tall pillow in the shape of a cartoon italian plumber is a thing you can purchase for the meager sum of ten united states dollars, with tax. that is the world we live in.

(i made the pipe noise from the game as i put the pillow into a bag for him)

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i think the most illegal thing ive ever done was to sneak into an 18+ only bar with a bunch of my friends from all over the country when i was in high school because the band we had dedicated. our lives. to!!!! was performing there

i dont think we looked very mature so im p sure it wasn’t that we were fooling anyone but rather that they just didnt care as long as we didnt try to drink. thanx japanese bouncer homie, u really did us a solid that nite

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