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still crazy after all these years.

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okay situation has not resolved itself so I guess I’ll post about it here

my mom’s really sick, and we thought she had one of the myelodysplastic syndromes but all tests are still inconclusive quite some ways out and she’s probably going to have to go to a research hospital many hours from here either way

myelodysplastic syndrome is often pre-leukemic, and leukemia killed my stepfather as well when he became vulnerable to hepatitis he’d acquired in an old blood transfusion he got before universal hep c screens as a result of treatment. of course i myself have had late stage lymphoma, and though it’s currently in remission i’m at increased risk for leukemia too.

this has pretty much completely sapped any interest i had in life, creativity or achievement outside of barest survival so i’m not really drawing or anything

anyway im sorry if you’re just now following this blog because of funny SPN stuff going around but i don’t really do that anymore and might not ever do it again and definitely won’t be posting art regularly for… a while

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